I am unable to access the sub-menus of the Shooter Game example

The menu can be navigated with mouse and keyboard.
But when I hit right arrow to access the submenus that are shown to the right, nothing happens, they remain darkened or disabled. Clicking on the darkened submenus also does nothing.
Did I miss something?

PS.: with google I could search more precisely but nothing showed up that would answer my question: “shooter game” “menu” site:answers.unrealengine.com

I found out that, to access the submenus we have to first hit ENTER over a menu item to it navigate to and activate the submenus.

We can also alternatively click, wait a bit and click again, to make it navigate to the submenu.

So the darkened submenus are just a preview of the contents!

This took me more than 1 hour to find out :frowning: