I am trying to show health on a widget UI from a heath system

I have a health system with a string output that I want to display on a health bar but the health bar does not show any change and i can not link them together. How do I do this?

Here is the health system:

And here is the widget blueprint:

** I am aware that the character only takes damage from pressing LCtrl, I will change this later.


Wait, your player character health is an Integer variable in which class? Player controller?
Because Current Health and Max Health are floats so i assume that is two different things.

To get active player health you should get Player Health Variable from your player character class…
To this you dont need to cast Get Player Character to Character, you should cast to YOUR Character Class


Here is some tutorial from epic how you should do this!

Thanks AmphDev,
Your answer fixed my problem and the tutorial is great.
I have now fixed the problem thanks to your help.