I am trying to recreate Fallout style terminal within Unreal 5. Need help with widgets

So I’ve got an idea for a terminal system within my level. The player can walk up to it, press E, then the terminal turns on and allows the player to type commands and get responses. My problem is creating a terminal like object and having it behave in the way I want

Right now I have a widget blueprint, this contains all the necessary objects like editable textbox and a normal textbox for displaying right above it. My line of thinking was to take a cube actor and place a widget object onto it of the class that I made above. When in game the player should be able to focus it and interact with what is on the cube

My problem is adding the viewport to the level creates a wide range of problems. When adding the widget to the viewport it acts separately from the widget I have placed on the actor. I would then have to scale and transform the widget added to the viewport. Is there any cleaner way of setting this up so that I have one widget instance and not have to add to the viewport? Thanks

Try adding a widget component to the computer actor and set it to world space.

Inside of the widget component set the widget class to your terminal widget.

There is also a widget interact component that lets you interact with world space widgets.