I am trying to make a mod but whenever I right click stuff like blueprints it crashes!

I downloaded ARK Dev Kit to try to make a Tranq + kind of mod but whenever I press Play or I right click certain stuff in the context browser like blueprints it crashes?!?! Help please?
Is there something else I need to do to make it not crash?

In case this is related to something hardware wise here are my specs:

i7 - 7700K

GTX 1080

32 GB DDR4 - 3000

No SSD. Just a 3TB HDD

and I have 2 Terrabytes of space avaliable

when you say it crashes… do you mean it freezes? Or does the kit actually shut down entirely on it’s own (And possibly provide a crash report)?

If you are seeing it freeze, this is normal. The kit is trying to load a ton of assets the first time you try to open some of these blueprint after starting the kit, and it locks up while it does so.
If it’s actually crashing (Completely shutting down to your desktop) please provide information on what blueprints you are right clicking and the crash text (If possible)