I am trying to improve IK Retargeting

Hi Unreal Engine developers,

since quite some time I am trying to close the gaps in our workflows when it comes to retargeting animations. Sadly the smaller details don’t work yet well in the retargeting toolchain since I started with unreal engine. I found issues with anim curves, additive base poses, controlrigs getting not migrated in an AnimBP, AdditiveAnimType not updated, ik bones are not retargeted in any way, virtual bones are not constraint anymore… list seems to get more and more points the more I work with complex systems like ALS, TPSKv2, KaiLocomotionSystem…

Die me those issues often mean manual and time consuming work or something that can not be fixed with affordable effort. Additionally, it drastically slows down my progress for my game.

So I thought why not trying to fix those issues with editor scripts. It was the hour of birth for TTToolbox, my open source plugin on GitHub. GitHub - tuatec/TTToolbox: TTToolbox provides useful helper scripts to automate your character integration workflows in Unreal Engine

During the last session I might have found a insane solution for migrating ik_hand_gun bone transforms. It’s still a proof of concept and can be improved a lot to make our life’s easier. Let me know what you think.

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Furthermore, I had to do some changes to the IKRig plugin. Here I provide builds and description on how I install the fixes.

In case you can already access the source code of Unreal Engine, you can directly head over to the changes.

Here is a playlist of my retargeting workflow with my open source plugin TTToolbox.

To make animating in the editor easier, I am working on this UI.
TTToolbox - ControlRig Animation Helper UI from a Beginner for Beginners | #UE5 Devlog #8