[I am] the noobest of noobs. Lend me your wisdom :)

Cliff Notes version: Im new and interested in game design and would like to be part of a community project where I can contribute and grow my skills at the same time. I have spent about 50-60 hours watching tutorials alone.


Let me start by saying thank you for your time. So I have a very diverse background as far as education goes: Music, Coding C, C++, Java(intermediate), decent Comp Sci. knowledge and randomly enough I currently work as an advisor for an investments firm. Im a closet nerd and hardcore MMORPG fan (FFXI, UO, EQ) so thats why I got interested in game design. MMOs these days are for an unfortunately lazy generation, fueled by instant gratification of which I am a part of. I love educating myself and have definitely taken advantage of the many online resources at my disposal to learn what I can but practicing landscaping, particle design, or basic level design can only keep you motivated for so long when everything you do just goes in the trash after and has no practical application. So with that, what i’m looking for is to be a part of a team, community, apprenticeship or anything really that is educational and is working together to achieve an end goal. Nothing too serious as I currently only have about 10-20 hours a week I could use to code/design, but I am certainly open to mostly any idea. Your time and responses are greatly appreciated. Troll if you like, I wont blame you :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of teams looking for other members in the recruitment section, a few groups that are looking for new people. Realize though, that when a lot of people are working for free or aren’t experienced it’s likely that the project will fall apart, so if you want to get into that set your expectations right for what you want to get out of it.

If you want to get experience, start working on a project, watching tutorials is fine, but without actually trying to do stuff with that information it’s easy to forget what you saw. I find it’s better to work on something and look for the information when you run into a problem you don’t know.