I am the Developer of [Arx Fatalis Remastered] i need to create the explorable minimap.

Hello Ue4 developers!

I am working on this project: Articles - Arx Fatalis UE4 Remastered mod for Arx Fatalis - Mod DB
I need help to implement the minimap using the existing pictures of the map ( example ) map.jpg
If someone can give me an example how i could make a minimap using blueprints ( the minimap will be attached to my user interface using widget blueprint) , the map need to be explorable ( like fog of war )
Thank you.

here is an example of the minimap

I understand how to create the minimap and i only need to know how i could use the fog of war.

1 I created a plane and i set the image of the minimap on the top of the level mesh.

2 i created a scene 2D capture and i placed on the top of my character.

3 i also used a static mesh to create an arrow to know the direction of my player.

4 i need to know how i could use the fog of war to make the minimap explorable, can someone help me?

Ok, first of. In a 2d plane like you have it. Can you not just play with the widget settings and material settings to create a shader that fades out ?

basically all you need is a sphere mask to make it round in the material of the minimap. And possibly some fading of the edges. Then probably zoom it in a bit so you don’t show quite so much of it unless you really think it makes sense.

Second, say you couldn’t do this on the material for the widget only for whatever reason (which you totally can if you are using a render target, you can manipulate it as you would any texture since it’s a texture).

You can just add “fog” to the material of the map you have flying on top of the level.
simply create the same system one would do for tessellated snow trails, which will helpp you mark what parts of the map have been visited.
Based on the texture the player generates when moving you remove the extra layer of black:
the player movement texture/render target is your alpha, and you lerp between 0 and the map.

obviously you’ll need an emissive brush you can control the size of for the discovery process, but the snow trail tutorials will show you the best ways to do all of that much faster than I can.

Thank you for your message! i will try that!