I am so newbie !

Hi everyone, today another newbie’s question :smiley: or two questions precisely .

I got some trouble with these blueprint, I think they want me turn crazy,…realy !

I use a printscreen of someone else blueprint for hovering a vehicle .

1/ I would like to change the thrust strength of my physics thruster via blueprint . When I put SET i’m not able to have this variable (strength) of my components (physics thruster) into the BP .

2/ The guy use a “Target relative location” connected from a static meshe : impossible to get this relative location and even less connect it to a static meshe .

Sooo there is a picture because I know people prefers picture :stuck_out_tongue:

(And one more time, I’m sorry for my english, please don’t take care of my spelling)

Thanks by advance

You might get an answer quicker if you posted this over on the AnswerHub:

His thruster is a PhysicsThrusterComponent, yours is not.

You’re using the node “Static Mesh” while the guy you are copying is probably using “Static Mesh Component”… I think the difference is that one is a Mesh, a resource you can place in the world… the Mesh Component is an instance of this mesh, actually placed IN the world… important difference.

First Thanks for answering my post .

Yet my thruster were added into component before I drag it into my graph, so I should miss something but what ?

The meshe is my pawn (an hovering vehicle) the only thing I know is to drag mesh on my graph and click GET or SET . How do I call an instance of this meshe ? (But I’m not sure that I should work with an instance in my case, mayby I should let the “get actor location”)

Since I can’t see your entire Blueprint(or the other guy), with variables etc I’m taking some guesses.

You have dragged in a mesh in the “Components” tab. This creates a variable for you, called “StaticMesh1” or something like this. You can see this variable in the graph tab.
Drag in this variable to your graph. Then from that, drag out and you can get “Relative Location”.

To set something on your variables… drag out the variable to the graph. Choose get.

From this variable, drag out and type what you want.

What you are doing is rightclicking and then trying to get the node you want.

**** it… screenshot time!


1st, rightclicking… not what you want.

2nd, drag out from node

3rd type what you look for

Sorry your are not, it’s been a long time I did that you show me :stuck_out_tongue:

I drag the mesh into my graph and then when I drag out of this node and type “relative location” I don’t have the one I need (even with unchecking sensitive content) I only got “set relative location” or “add relative location”… where is this simply “get relative location” ??

Anyway ! Now I use “Get World Location” and it’s seems work nearly well .

For the SET of my thruster i create a variable that i called “thruster strength” and I do that :sameresult.jpg will i got the same result that the guy got in him BP ?

EDIT - I’m pretty sure that I won’t have the same result

Please could you explain me how I can SET these throttle ?:rolleyes: it’s turning me so craaaazy !

I have no problem doing any of the stuff you want to do.
Not sure why you are having issues.

There is a difference between a variable and a property.
With regards to your thruster, the last example here, you’re setting a variable… a variable is a value that you want to use around your system.
What you want to do is set the property on the thruster that controls the thrust…

A property is… well… it’s a part of the definition of the object… so in this case, the thruster has a property that defines how powerful it is… it’s “part of” the thruster…

A Variable is… a value… a number(in this case). You can use the variable to say “Hey thruster, you are now this powerful!”… and then later use the same variable to say “Hey, tree, you are now this tall”… the variable is the same, but in one case it changes the power of a thruster, in the other the height of a tree… Because it is JUST a number.

I hope this makes a little sense.

OMG, I just try type “relative location” and there was not the one I want, after taking a look at your screenshot I try to type “getrel” only…and …PLOP…! I’ts there ! Now I can type “get rel” or "relative… this ****ing node appear !
…[Komega is troubled now]

I know the difference between a property and a variable (variable that I would use to set the property “strength” of my thruster by example), I just don’t know how to do in Blueprint, to have same result that the guy have :

Say to my thrusters “Hey guys ! Take this variable and set your power equal to this number”

I want just to know how to do this simply things : Change (set) a property of a component ! 000.jpg

Why it is so hard to do ??

it is not hard.
just do like this:

OMG ! Why I spend 4 hours searching this ! Thanks you a lot Rasped