I AM SNIPER - a Rogue-like FPS game in early Alpha (WIP)

Presently this game is a Prototype Blueprint-only solo project. Total work on the project to date is 3 months of 16-18 hour days.

Nobody cares about story.

The gameplay is in VERY early stages at this point. Survive as long as you can. Beat your high score.

Clark’s Special Augment:
All of the regular grunts drop so called Bullet Time Essence (BTE) which fills your augmentation allowing you to slow time down for when those agents appear.

Manage your few resources:
The game forces you to manage your ammo, stamina and bullet-time.

Here is my latest DEV Vlog video. Skip to about 9:30 to get see how the game plays.

Is this better MikePurvis?

Wow, tough croud :smiley:

What do you expect? It’s a wall of text, no screenshots, no embedded video, the one link requires to click out.

Add a little more content so we can see where you are going with this :slight_smile:

I apologize for forcing you to read for 1 minute and make a single left mouse click or a right click to open in new tab. I changed the post for you.

@Nole94: that video is the content I have at the moment. I can’t screenshot further possible ideas. It’s a single map at the moment WIP means its not done.

@SoUlFaThEr I accept your apology. Looks like you took my advice :wink: Now, just need to get that 30 minute one into short bits. People do care about a story and the other things, but with a video game the images and gameplay video come first. That can draw someone into the story.

Head shots are looking good.

Soon maybe, Seems I already ruined it. First impression were obviously not good. oh well. Story of my life.

I have since run into some VERY strange problems I cant seem to solve so I cant even make a new video either.
When I shoot out in the open everything is fine but as soon as I aim at an enemy I get weird animation glitches in the screen as if someone were standing behind me animating. Taking headshots really jerks the camera around in a wierd way too.
I noticed in my character that there are 2 cameras suddenly and I only placed one of course. I cant even select that second camera to get rid of it.

I wouldn’t worry about it with an Indie game. We have used the feedback that we get to change Lemons Must Die. Basically we have been open to critism, but tried to channel it into specific things that we could alter. As a result the controls and camera perspective are very different than when we started and it was effected some of the in game matinee’s and tutorials to help orientate the player better to what’s going on. For the positive feedback area’s we’ve made sure not to mess with those parts that are working well.

When you talk about messing stuff up, you sound like you don’t have a back up. You really need to use version control for anything other than a throw away project that you don’t care about losing. Unfuddle, Assembla, Amazon, GitHub are just a few of the many websites where you can host your project. That way if you screw up, just discard your changes.

Hmmm, All good advice. but uploading this whole project somewhere would take me a week. I have a LOT of things added to it…and just using a very small amount of each one of those packs…or sets.

All in all…a bit overwhelming for me, super fun to have such an awesome channel to release creative energy…just overwhelming.

This game needs a massive refactoring and rearranging of how things are done. I made the major mistake of making this straight off the download of the engine. (never make your first project a game). It’s the product of about 20 different tutorials mixed with my own way of doing things or getting things to work. In half those tuts I had to break off in the middle because it went into c++ or did things that were not going to fit my concept etc…i feel very lucky to have gotten this far at all!!

Thanks for your time Mike.