I am seriously questioning my sanity (TOOLTIPS COVER MORE THAN 50% OF THE SCREEN)

For the love of all that is holy…
Why does my screen get covered by the FULL articles about a variable…(hold CTRL+ALT for more…)
I will use my browser for that thank you!

Yes i tried disable tooltips in the INI files but that disabled literally 100% of every tooltip in the WHOLE editor software.
I am having a very hard time to process this logic, im about to loose my ****…

Is there any way to disable these utterly useless and annoying and lets be honest infuriating tooltips?

Oh god yes, I hate the tooltips so SOOO much, they are unhelpful and non explanative in 99% of times and always cover important aspects of my blueprints.

There needs to be an option to disable them, or at least make them pop-up only after a set amount of seconds on mouse-hover. The current way is such a bad design…

Hi, I submitted a PR what enabled short tooltips for the classes and variables in the BP editor that have them enabled already, see Cheers,

Why didn’t you at least hold <CTRL+ ALT> for more info though? :stuck_out_tongue:
For me, much of the time ToolTips offer no extra useful info at all! :mad:

I love these ones too:


For the first ever engine release, sure, like 20 years ago.
How does unreal expect us to work with this…maybe it IS rocket science.
Its not like this engine is for kids to play around, i think they do it on purpose, like its some “trial version”.
Im baffled.

Why not Ctrl+ALT for EVERY tooltip on demand.
Keep it clean 100% of the time, but for that one second, those 5 times per day you need to know the description…lets us use CTRL+ALT.

So: Disable by default: enable by ctrl+alt.