I am part of the community... I get psyched... Then

I just played a Battleships game on my phone. Made me feel great having a strategy and winning so quickly this time. I loved watching my friend play FIFA and I could see how much he enjoyed it. I play Mahjong just to relax. I have taken a strong message away from FFVII, and enjoy other games like Jumping Flash and Destruction Derby on the PS1.

Sadly I uninstalled UE5 because I forgot to create a new blank level instead of watching the World Partition taking too long to compile and not deleting when I tried to delete it. I install and uninstall UE4, especially for mobile development, wishing I could be more up-to-date, so install UE5.

I say I’ll stick with UE5 until it includes support for mobile. Plenty of time to learn the basics and make some demos and share them.

I run away because game development is hard :exclamation: But wanting to make new experiences for people - waiting for the bus, hid away in their room…

What I notice is I can’t do as I please, when I please. I need some organisation - for mapping, modelling, music, textures and coding. It takes time to practice each one. Maybe (now I’m not spending so much) I’ll actually buy an asset pack. But I can’t open up too larger a project on my GTX 1650, 8GB RAM computer.

Overall I’ve enjoyed Unreal. I’ll install UE5 right now and be aware of when I do fault it and get angry and ditch game design.

I hope you stick with Unreal too. You’ve come this far.

I’ll take my stream of consciousness as a good thing :melting_face: I hope to inspire another who fails many times. I haven’t read up about possible mobile support in UE5, it’s just a nice thing to have. Quite important, really.