I am not obtaining the location of the muzzel flash transform correct

the flash spawns at the hand socket not at the muzzel flash transform… help… it is a child blueprint.
each gun will have a different muzzel transform… i pulled this transforn way out and it still flashes in the hand not at the MF
this is the 2nd time i posted the question… the first time it dissapeared… later it will show up and i will have two of the same question…lol

Is the Rootcomponent valid? Is the Rootcomponent the static mesh? Make sure you are getting sock from the mesh and nothing else.

I’m not sure what you mean… here is the blueprint… it has a scene component and the mesh… I need the transform because every weapon is different.

if I put the mesh as the root, I lose the ability to adjust the transform. but I think you are hinting that “root component” wont look beyond the root… right?

do you have a way around that?

if not then I will have to figure some other way… so close

I will need to store the proper transform somehow… hmmm.

so my gun mesh needs to be the root component… as you see, I had a scene component so I could adjust the transform… it wasn’t finding the socket.
because I was using a get root component node…

now all my weapons have one socket transform. argggg… and I want to adjust each one separately… sooo…

my question has changed a little… is there any way to alter a socket transform by blueprint? please take a moment to laugh at me and this dumb prob… lol

I see a node for get socket transform… there is no node for set socket transform.

Sockets are set in the mesh assets; I believe when you set a socket it’s saved into the asset, i.e. actual file on your disk, so I don’t think you can really change it via blueprints.

When you change the weapon, do you actually change the mesh in the Weapon component? I can’t really understand why that would be a problem, since each mesh has its own sockets. Why do you need to move/rotate a socket through a blueprint?

The blueprint above … I can adjust the weapon socket in my character and because it is not mounted to the root, I get another transform… more then good enough for the guns

but, on the root I loose one transform… the shotgun needs to be a bit different in his hand… if on the root and I adjust the weapon socket transform in my character blueprint… it moves both the gun and shotgun… so… I pulled the gun from the root as seen above. fine… now I can adjust each one perfect. but… now I have discovered that you cannot access the Socket for the muzzel flash… gun needs to be on the root.

so… I wanted to see if I could keep it as I have it in the print above… finding another route to the muzzel flash… . I want make a cool game… I would like the gun in his hand and use sockets on the guns… and… I have big plans and don’t want to tax the processer with endless ray casts. sigh… I hope that explains it a bit better… Signed…… Clueless… lol