I am new and i need help on uploading a pack to the Marketplace

I’ve made couple of gun models and imported them to the Unreal. But i am completely new to the Unreal Engine. Tinkered my way around the importing etc. but i dont know how to export the pack. I’ve read the guideline but couldn’t find anything about how am i supposed to export or pack the project. And all the youtube tutorials i have found are about how to build a game. Is there a tutorial or a document you would recommend on this topic.

Thanks in advance.

Just zip the folder with your unreal project (remove the saved/intermediate folders before), the zip is what you upload to a platform of your choice, the file link is what you submit.

Make sure you have everything well ordered in the content browser, all classes need prefixes (like T_Name for textures, M_Name for materials, MI_Name_inst for material instances, SM_Name for static meshes etc. etc.)