I am looking for someone to work on a new game with me using Unreal. Profitshare & Non-disclosure

I have recently come back to Unreal, having been using Unity, Lumberyard etc etc. to develop a list of games.

I have several games already developed and I am looking for someone to work on a new game with me using Unreal.

The goal it to launch this game on both the PC and VR. The gameplay mechanics are quite simple. The player goes from scene to scene completing different puzzles, as the player progresses, the scenes change automatically. Each scene is built off a grid, so they align and snap together like a giant puzzle, all within a set worldspace. Each scene is also themed, along with the tasks.

The person who is interested in this game and working as a team, will need to accept a profit share contract, along with a non-disclosure agreement.

The same person will have skills to create/develop blueprints to mechanise the game, swapping out scenes via triggers, displaying scene text hints, menu creations, conditional triggers based upon proximity/objects held/captured/collected/levers-buttons sequentially pressed etc.

It would be very handy if you knew how to setup Github to work with Unreal, or versioning collaboration.

Be part of the gameplay, storyboard and workflow development, which can become a living document.

If you are this person, please contact Andrew, initially via email at giving links to your work and acceptance to the profit share and non-disclosure forms of contracting with remote associates.

This project has been evolving since making this post. I am still looking to fill this position with someone active. If that is you, please email me.