I am looking for a team to learn and help hard

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a team that can give me some tasks to complete.
Obviously I don’t ask for any compensation and I will do my best to help the project.
I can help with sound, level building and blueprints. Thank you for your attention!

Hi, I’m the leader of an indie team, and we need people like you.
we’re making a sci fi fps/rpg game, please consider joining us through here:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for replying to the discussion! I just joined the group

Hey! Me and my cousin are making a game in survival theme.
We are just beginners and we need someone to help us, mostly in blueprints.
Add me on discord: impo#0572

building a team for a rwby mmo fan game set in the au smiple soul universe here is my discord if interested Erzila packs#1565 add me

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erong place to ask but ok.

Hello guys!

Do you have close the team?

I have experiencie in modeling I use Zbrush and 3Dmax, for o animation 3DMax, and for texturize Substance Painter.

About UE4 I know the basics things (texturize, materials, animation)

That’s why I’m looking for a team where colaborate and learn work under UE4

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How long have you been doing drawings?