I am looking for 2 artists for a potential project in the near future.

Project Title:

The goal of this thread is to begin putting out feelers to see what kind of talent is available. It is not yet set in stone that this project will begin, so keep that in mind.
This position will be contract and paid with the goal of completing a prototype by November 15th.
If the prototype is successful, then we will be very likely looking at multiple projects of various genres in the future.

Respond to the thread with portfolios, CVs and cool stuff that you have done.

Team Name:

Previous Work:
I want to begin collecting portfolios for both 3D character artists and 2D artist UI designer.

Talent Required:
The project will be in Unreal 4 engine.

3D Character artist

  • Model, rig and animate 3D characters based on concept art.
  • Game is character heavy with a lot of different potential characters.
  • Unreal 4 engine experience is a plus
  • 1 year industry experience is a plus

2D artist - (Part time position)

  • Ability to do solid 2D art
  • Icons / UI design
  • Concept art
  • UMG experience is a plus
  • Industry experience is a plus


Discord : @Castle#9832
I will also be watching this thread closely.

I’m an illustrator/concept artist
Here it’s my portfolio ArtStation - Adrian Regalado
Here it’s my email
Thank you

Hi there,
We can cover your 3D Character Artist Position.

See some of our projects here:


Hey hey Russel, great timing on this as we actually just wrapped a pretty large project and have some breathing room across the board, all of our 3D folks can take a model from concept all the way to material setup in the engine and the same goes for our UI team. . We’ve been using UE4 since the early beta and have the longest track record working exclusively with indies in the Unreal community. Would love to know more about the project so i’ll PM you but in the meantime head over to and check out the portfolio as well as how we work.


Hey Russel, I’m interested. I have 7 years experience in 3d character modeling/rigging/animation 5 years experience using Unreal Engine 4. I worked on AAA titles such as NBA2K. Here is a link to my personal project to give you more of an idea of what I can do:

Hey guys! I am now in full review mode and need to start looking for the best fit for both positions. I just want to let you know as at this point I am not looking for any more applications.
I will be reviewing all of the ones submitted already and I will be ready to let you know your status as soon as I can.

I’ll do my best to be as open as possible and wish everyone the best of luck.