I am having trouble packaging UE4 project for Windows

I am stuck for days now and I could not point out the problem.
I am unable to package the project for Windows.

I tried with other projects and they work just fine so I think that I am missing something related to this specific project.

It would be very helpful if someone could assist me in getting it solved.

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There’s no debug info on what broke specifically, but there’s a lot of weirdness in the log. I think the first step is to try a fresh build. Easiest way to do that is to select File->(Package project)->(Zip up project) and save a zip. Then unzip it into a new directory and rebuild it. If your project still fails, post that log.

I already did that, and this log is actually from the zipped project. Should I post the original log file ?

No need. UE4 has intermediate files that have been known to get corrupted so you might want to make sure it’s OK by reinstalling it (or a clean build if you have the Github source version). Otherwise, you have quite the corrupted project. I’ve never seen that error before and there’s a lot of it. You could try migrating all your assets into a new project. It’s pretty easy so you might want to try that before reinstalling UE4, which I’m sure you know takes a while. If the problem persists, either share the project so we can try it out or replicate the problem in a sample project. Or, worst case, get the debug symbols for UE4 so we can see where it’s failing specifically.

I only use UE from the Launcher, I already verified the engine (from the Launcher) and there were no problems with it. I´ll try migrating the assets to a new project and see how it goes, thank you so much at least I feel that there is still hope for it to get fixed. The log file is not helping in pinpointing the problem at all. The project is pretty huge so it will take some time.

Verifying from the launcher probably only checks the installed files, not any intermediate files that are generated. I’m not sure but as a worst case, it might be worth trying a fresh install. Good luck, I’ve been where you are and it sucks.

Thank you ! I´ll check what I can do, I´ll try migrating the project to another compute, my personal one because I am terrified of losing the project now once I uninstall the existing engine and not be able to work on it anymore. I will keep you updated and any help is much appreciated !

I think it may be related to Visual Studio,

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogUObjectHash: Warning: Ambiguous search, could be FloatProperty /Script/CoreUObject.Vector:Z

I get tons of warnings about this, I already fixed the materials warnings and the assets ones, this one I could not take it away, I read on another question that someone got the same problem and another person got the project and packaged it on their machine and it works well ! I really hope this is only related to the current computer I am working on. I will keep you updated,

The weird thing is that the engine version I have works fine with other projects

That’s not Visual Studio, it’s Unreal Automation Tool. This is happening in packaging, not compile so it’s all UE4 here. What’s the full error? I remember them giving both cases that the ambiguity could mean.

It is already in the LOG here, it is a warning that goes for around a thousand lines or something…

The log has a ton of them and they all start the same way. I need to know the full error string of this last remaining warning. It says there’s an ambiguity between two things and you only show the first thing.

it still has 9k+ ambiguity warnings until now, I could not solve them. I only solved the material references and assets import and those went away from the log.

So I tried packaging this on another computer, the 9k+ lines of warnings is gone but it still doesn’t build, any help is appreciated :frowning:

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So I figured the problem I think.

A blueprint was keeping the editor from Cooking, it was the Glider BP from the Mountains project, I couldn’t delete the assets from the content browser, nor open them, I click on them the whole editor crashes.

I went to the Content Folder on Windows/ Explorer, and deleted them manually ! I have been stuck with an unknown packaging error and now I figured it out, I hope this helps anyone in need.

I would assume that UNKNOWN ERROR in the LOGs while packaging even without any other errors is usually corrupted content in the project. Try to pinpoint it and delete it.