I am having trouble installing UE4

I have been trying to download UE4 from the UE4 launcher on my iMac but it keeps stopping somewhere between 60-70% and gives me an error that the install failed and asks me to retry. I have been retrying several times but this problem still persists.

link text

alt text

I had the same problem with windows 7 → I just had to start the launcher with admin rights.

By the way:

UDK → Unreal Development Kit = free UE3 version


Please look at this thread and see if the advice it provides helps: [Official] Read this if your Download has stopped around 81% - Installation & Setup - Unreal Engine Forums

Let me know if it does not and I will be happy to further assist.


I renamed this issue as it was referring to UE4 as UDK, which is our free version of UE3 and not related to UE4.