I am having isues with Z fighting on a mesh

I’m having an issue with a Kitbash asset and Z fighting on a plane within it. I’ve tried a myriad of solutions to getting an answer, to downloading for Maya and Blender and reimporting from there, however for those I got an error of Degenerate Polygons. The native FBX format imports fine, but this is the issue that is occurring.

Is there a solution to this happening? Has anyone had the same issue? This is from the Kitbash3D free Cyberpunk Set.


Hi! There are two polygon faces overlapping one another there, that’s why they’re flickering like that. Try exporting to Maya/Blender and delete one of the extra faces. Also while you’re there make sure all the vertices are welded together (no more than one vertex occupying the same position in space) to address the degenerate poly warning :slight_smile: