I am having issues with Custom Licencing

I am trying to figure out how to do the custom licensing because I want to try to port Unreal 4 to the Wii U as a personal project of mine. It is giving me an error stating Epic does not dicuss terms for Unreal 3 source code with public email addresses (trying to use my gmail as I do not have a company as of yet), but I am not trying for Unreal 3. I am not sure how to proceed.

Do I not need a custom license at this time to try porting, or would I only need that when I want to publish something?

Thank you.

It sounds like custom licensing isn’t available to you at this time. But the UE4 EULA doesn’t prevent this kind of project. You say a personal project so I assume you don’t intend to redistribute. You’ll also need to bear in mind whatever obligations you have as a WiiU developer from Nintendo.

Any idea why it isn’t available though? Seems weird it would have the error mention Unreal Engine 3.

I think if I did manage to get it working, I may try porting some indie games to the Wii U. At that point it would be more than just a personal project.

It does sound like the automated message is out of date if it only refers to UE3. But custom licensing is only available to legally formed entities rather than individuals.

Ah ok. That wasn’t clear. Thank you.