I am definitely being hacked

They keep replacing my player blueprint and stuff I’ve already done has to be done all over again, anytime I go online with my pc, even if it’s for one or two minutes they fuck up loads of shit on me. No I’m not being paranoid, I know for a fact I saved everything earlier and now I have an older player blueprint with functions in it that I definitely deleted, I’ve noticed stuff like this happening before but I mostly dismissed it, but now I know for a fact someone is fucking round with my stuff

Also for some bizarre reason my computer gets a massive performance boost at night, there’s loads of weird stuff going on with my pc, if I ever get my hands on that fucker I’ll personally murder him or her

Unplug your internet and see if you are having the same issues?

I use my phone Internet and I have to tether via USB, I know I’m being hacked cause I deleted functions saved and closed unreal then went online for a while disconnect open unreal and suddenly I have a different player blueprint that even features stuff I took out a few days ago… There is no other explanation and it’s obviously some one who knows how to use unreal.

If it’s only afecting unreal, then I sincerely doubt you are been hacked. The most probable cause is some corruption in your OS or UE4.


+1 Totally agree. This issue bares all the hallmark of project corruption. But the question is, how it is happening without some user input. Look in the SAVED / Backup folder and compare the latest time stamps to what UE4 is using in the active project folder. Is Unreal taking old backups and overwriting the latest etc? Are you using Autosave Mike… Are you prompted by UE4 at startup to auto-restore anything etc?

I never use Autosave but I have 2 Asus ROG’s that constantly overheat and suddenly reboot. When it happens during a gameplay test the last save is often corrupt and unusable after UE4 re-launches. That seems highly unlikely and yet its happening nearly every time. How is it possible though? The save is done long before the actual game starts. Plus, the project isn’t on an external drive or some device that would delay flushing etc. Yet it still happens (UE4.18 - HDD not SSD - Win7).

You may have a similar strange issue… I would start Duplicating key Blueprints inside the project after completing big milestones… And backups… You’ve got to do these or you could lose everything dude… Also, if the drive is failing or there’s corruption at a low level, the OS can go back and restore older snapshots too… So that’s also a possibility…


To recover from the crashes above I go into Saved -> Backup and go through the snapshots in there, renaming each by stripping off the timestamp and then copying it over the original in the main Content folder until I get one that works or the latest I can use. This works, but if you use Autosave it could be a different process. Copy & Paste the entire project folder first before making any changes so that you don’t make things worse. Pay attention to how many saves are in there as well, because you shouldn’t lose all that much work, as each file equals one snapshot save. So hopefully you saved regularly, and can recover most of it.

If your PC is slowing down at certain times, you need utils to track usage. But overall, purge everything in Scheduled-Tasks and all Updaters that are running. Plus monitor what Services are active too, as a lot of them can be disabled etc… This applies to Win7… In you’re running Win10 you may have far less options to disable anything…

You should use source control anyway, even if you are working alone.

Amongst many tools running in the background, is there maybe a disk defragment / related optimizer tool running there? Unreal keeps file references locked (opened), probably causing unexcpeted behavior with these tools. I use disk keeper that is overlaying file system, but this issue have never happened to me, it however doesn’t mean other tools won’t fail to operate reliably. Antivirus can be an issue as well, just exclude the project folders from scanning, it doesn’t hurt anyways.

You should restart the editor when PIE testing your project, it may be failing to save certain content for any number of reasons. Do you use symlinking in your project? Probably not a good idea doing so.

Clear the derived data cache. You can try the boot.ddc first, then see if that helps with this issue. If not, you can reset all from engine folder (it will be a bit inconvinient waiting for shaders recompile etc, but worth a try anyways). Same goes for Intermediate folder, and clean up the hot reloaded stuff by building the project from VS.

By the way, testing in cooked builds run much better, it’s better to stage a product version of it so crashes / silly behavior will be more apparent.

Windows usually does.

It’s good to have backups, but source control is the right way doing it. Pick an SVN it’s simple to setup and it will make you the backups. You can watch the content folder only, it should be enough.

It is possible to additionally tune Windows 10 apps and services via powertools, there are scripts available on github that helps to disable some of those… things.

If you got hacked no one would replace your blueprints on you. Something is replacing the files like a backup tool or some similar type of thing is probably on a schedule in the background and you make changes but it goes through and replaces the files you changed with older backups or something.

I suggest taking a look at running processes and make changes save and close unreal etc but watch what is going on so you can try to catch the problem as it is happening.

Also make sure your phone doesn’t have anything trying to manage files for you while plugged in. Highly unlikely but just keep it in mind.


Hey dude! This is an air-gapped machine with everything non-critical stripped away. Scheduled-Tasks / Updaters / Services / Run-commands/ Dcom-launched-apps all set to bare minimum (even defrag is set to manual etc)… In short, there’s no added bloat or disk-locking tools or AV at work here etc. So it probably boils down to one of two things: 1. Disk flushing isn’t happening with UE4 for some reason, as unlikely as that seems as the problem doesn’t occur with any other apps. 2. There’s some registry aspect that’s not getting completed by UE4 which ends up flagging the backup as bad… The backup file is being created though. One other thing as its relevant in general to backups. Its also necessary to backup the Config folder. Sometimes it gets trashed in the sudden reboot, which means having to re-set a lot of things manually, or face outright crashes on Editor restart…

I’ve ample HDD space, so symlinks aren’t needed. Rigs with smaller SSD’s tend to rely more on this option. For now the problem can be solved pretty simply. Just do a double save before PIE. This gets around the issue faster than restarting UE4. When I get back to civilization I can replace these aging rigs. But for now I’m stuck, so I just make small code changes and instantly test. Its an interesting case study though, which is why I mentioned it, in case the OP is running into their own usual special case etc…

Yep source control is best practice… So always open to suggestions for simple non-cloud / reliable / low-resource options if you have any??? That said, I can see why many solo devs don’t go for it. Source control can be a PITA and extra work or distraction that takes time away from projects. Why? The dizzying array of choices and gotchas (Github and Blobs etc), and the push to cloud isn’t attractive to everyone. Overall, a reliable simple backup process that works is better than a source control option that’s not well understood. For me, I prefer to use a second identical rig and backup regularly offsite too. Also with both Asus ROG rigs overheating, it brings another point of failure which I can’t personally risk right now…

Until the next forced-update re-enables them:stuck_out_tongue: