I am confused about what "Enable Root motion" does

Hello guys, I have downloaded a ClimbingLadder animation from Mixamo that was not in place by default so when I play the animation sequence on the character the mesh body gets out of the capsule component and thus no collision actually happens, I have read about enabling Root motion in UE4 documents and from my understanding of it makes the capsule component follow the animation temporarily until the animation finishes, however when I have tried to enable the root motion on this animation, the animation plays in place and it also becomes somehow faulty, so I have searched about this problem and from what I have understood, this problem happens when the specified rig doesn’t have its origin at (0,0,0), so I was wondering about what "Enable root motion " option does, does it make the animation in place or does it make the capsule follow the animation origin? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mixamo has a checkbox in the download options I believe to enable root motion

The option updates positioning of the root bone (I believe) during animation.


Do you use a character with a root ? By default, mixamo character don’t have it. But you can find some tutorial to add it or buy a plugin on the market place.

You will have some problems with the mixamos animation, as far as I know, their characters doesnt have the root bone, so, when you import the characters or animation to UE4, you will have the exactly problems you described.
To fix this, look for tutorials on youtube about how to insert a root bone in the mixamos characters, you may need to have third party programs installed as blender, or maya.

In the end, you will need to import the animations to an skeleton without the root bone, and than, retarget the animation to one that have it.
To much work, not all animations on mixamo are good, specialy when you want it with root motion.