I am CEO of Metaisland, I am looking to hire talents

Our project is https://metaisland.gg

We are looking for skilled individual, working from remote to help doing the Metaverse that will beat Meta and others.

We are paying a salary.

We are looking for independent people, self motivated, who can join a team of talented people. Each member of our team is important, and will talk about their job to the press, so it a job where you can get a name and reputation based on the success of the project.

The right candidates are given ‘tokens’ these can be worth millions, again, it all depends on the success.

We are incubated by Daomaker and SL2, so for the one who knows about crypto, it speaks volume about the future of the project.

What we need are programmers and technical animators Unreal who are skilled into blueprint/C++ plugins for
a) doing networking (list of servers, selection of servers, deployment of the game on multiple servers etc…)
b) replication (our game is multiplayer, the current character is using ALS which is not replicated). Replication needs to be smart, we cannot replicate all the animations, but we need to replicate the player actions which are triggering the animations. If you understand the concept: you are our man!
c) complex retargeting from different marketplaces pack to ALS skeleton and animation. Some knowledge of blueprint can be useful.
d) optimisation, octahedron imposter creation.
e) adapting plugins to our characters, for example adding an inventory, or adding NPC manager to manage our NPC
f) Metahumans animation, lip-sync to have them talking to the player.

Stable people, who really want to join a winning team, have autonomy and independence, participate in a AAA success.

We are looking for people located in countries where 4000 USD/ month + bonus is a normal salary. We are in Thailand, France, Dubai, Spain, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam. If you are living in California, this is obviously not for you.

Any skilled programmer or technical animator can send us his resume.
to nikko@metaisland.gg

See you soon!


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