I am building an educational app and have hit a road block in alphabet tracing

Ok I know this is unconventional but since I don’t know unity or anything else but I do know quite a bit about unreal so I decided to go forth with it…
I am currently facing problems in alphabet tracing. I am envisioning a stencil of the alphabet that the kid can color inside.
I have a stencil ready but am confused as how to colour in between the gaps(the stencil is a sprite)
Any help or ideas would be awesome
thank you

So you want a kid to color the letters in at runtime?

If you want to do a bit of research, this seems like something you could do with render targets. I’m not knowledgeable enough to say how, but I know I’ve seen them used for things like this.

Unfortunately, I tried that and it won’t work because this app is to be released for mobile and the render target(at least the tutorials I followed I’m not skilled enough to make it to fit my project :frowning: ) used where the camera was pointing so that means that ill need a script to look around which, to say the least, would be unideal for a linear app like I’m planing.
I rather thought about using decals that will spawn when the kid goes over this area and the area would be in the shape of the letter.
However, I can’t seem to implement it but don’t know how to any help you could provide me, in this case, i would be so grateful.

I want to help you. I’m working in an University in Spain in proyects of education and I learned UE4 just for that. But I’m not very good at english so let me know…
What’s exactly what you want to do? An APP for Android where a kid color inside a letter path/stroke? as the painting books?
Or is more like a calligrapgy notebook?


-No exactly like a coloring book only the app dictates what area he colors first the letter and of course he colors with his finger by dragging it inside the lines.
I am now thinking to do something w/ decals like if he drags his finger along this area this decal will spawn but I have no clue as to how effective I also don’t know or how to do so

Again Thank you for any help you can provide

If you’re building an educational app, then you might to read this guide by [ first.