I am building a rig for Unreal Engine 4 development. Please suggest a suitable GPU

My RIG has following configuration:

  1. Processor: i5 6400 2.7Ghz to 3.2Ghz
  2. Ram: 8gb Hyper Fury 1833Mhz DDR3
  3. Motherboard: Gigabyte H110 DS3 DDR3
  4. Hard disk 1TB WD Blue

Please suggest a suitable gpu under moderate price section:
Please suggest minimum gpu hardware

Hello smartyash121,

Here is a link to our recommended hardware when developing with UE4. At the bottom is a section for building a rig. You can look at this and try and make comparisons for what is available and affordable for you.

hey dude,

can you clarify what you mean by “minimum gpu hardware?”
i assumed that meant the minimum recommended, but if you already know the minimum and recommended hardware you must intend something else by minimum gpu hardware.

I am well aware of minimum and recommended hardware for UE4. But i want to know the right card that fits into my budget and comfortably let me use UE4 for game development. Please suggest some gpus.

by the phrase minimum gpu hardware i mean the minimum hardware that can support game development smoothly. By using a minimum video card 470gtx i have heard that UE4 lags while accessing many important features, So some card run smoothly and is also a budget buy.

The GTX 750 is often recommended and will be about 10,000.00 ₹ depending on where you get it in India.
The GTX 760 reportedly works well, with FPS stable at 30 with high settings and moderately large scenes, which will run you around 17,000.00 ₹.
I use the r9 280x, getting very good frame rates on Epic quality (though I almost always run on High), and that will cost somewhere around 25,000.00 ₹.
Your budget is largely unspecified, but those are three widely used cards in different price ranges that work well.

Your processor and memory are very good.
You may want to get a faster hard drive or a small SSD (120GB will be fine) for faster loading and development.

Thanks I will consider your advice. I would also like to know something
that works well and under this price tag. My budget is pretty much exhausted.

Something below the GTX 750? You should be able to get the GT 730 for 5,000, but I don’t think it would be a good idea…