i am beginner for ue4. I need to create my own game?

My aim is to create a game.
Now as a beginner. I can create a game or not.
Is it easy to create as a own.

You don’t need to create a game, as long as you have oxygen, food and water you should be fine. It’s fun to make a game tho.

Is it easy to create a game? Yes

Is it easy to create a great game? No

You get what you put into it. If you take the time to learn how to use unreal engine, the possibilities are really endless. The thing I love about Unreal is that it has a ton of tutorials and helpful people all around the net in the forums and so on.

Feel it out and be active in looking for help to understand something you’ve never seen before here

Ya, thanks for your support.

I would like to create simple 2d game like stick figures.

I answered to similar question here.

Wish this can you a little, Also, like Mookiez say, there’s endless possibility! If I can give you an advice, I think you should look the basic (to intermadiate) tutorial provide by epic.

(Don’t need to alook all of them, but mosty usefull). After a couple of weeks/mounths you should be able to create easily your 2D game :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

This is an excellent resource if you want to learn to create games in the engine using C++:

I does cost money though, but the support is pretty good and they have their own forum too.

If I were you I’d start off on Youtube. There are some excellent tutorials out there, not to mention the official Unreal Engine tutorials. They will keep you busy for months!

Obviously a nowhere near exhaustive list, but maybe a good starting point.