I am attempting to make my gears actually work and not simulate with Matinee

Hello, and thanks for reading!

My apologies if this has been covered, but I have designed some gears in blender that mesh perfectly to rotate together in blender.
When one gear turns, when inter-meshed with the other gear, turns the other gear.

I have imported the FBX files into Unreal 4, and written a level blueprint that allows one gear to turn upon a key press, however the physics are behaving strangely.

For instance, I can jump on to one of the gears with my pawn player, and both I and the one gear will rotate, however if I put a cube on to the gear, it just sits there.

So My question to you talented and knowledgeable folks is does anyone know the correct configuration for having these two bodies, (gears) interact like actual gears do?
If so will you share your knowledge?


Well if it were me I would probably try to use some math to drive both gears together. I don’t think you want to use collision and actually drive these like they would work in the real world where one gear meshes and physically drives the other one forward. Sure it might be possible but just using some math to drive them would be far more reliable. You still need collision so you can stand on them and objects don’t fall through but use some math to drive the motion. How you decide to actually set that up is entirely up to you.