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I have a question.

I’m trying to build a scene from a painting. I’ve positioned a painting in front of camera. I’ve placed the first touches and I’m quite happy with the result. Now it’s time to paint the ground textures and plant the trees so in order to do that I need to toggle that picture hidden and shown constantly. That’s where the headache begins:

I toggle that picture manually and it is extremely inconvenient and takes too much time since the landscape painting is on the Landscape mode and I can’t even select the actors in that mode to show / hide them.

The system shortcut keybind default of hiding an actor is H and showing it is CTRL+H. It would be just perfect for me but after one cycle of toggling the actor is no longer selected and H doesn’t work.

So the my question would be: is there ANY way I could hide/show that picture actor with some sort of shortcut keybind while in Landscape mode?

Thank you.


I understand that your question involves the image that you’ve shown (very nice image you’ve shown) and wanting to set it hidden / visible while in landscape mode.

If you can reference that photo (I’m not sure if you said you were simulating or not) while not simulating, you can use “Set Actor Hidden in Game” and set Hidden to False for Visible and set Hidden True for invisible.

IF you’ve added the picture as a component, you can use “Set Visibility”

If you are simulating, this is easier because things like the Game Mode run, if you have it set by default in the project settings or in the Game Mode Override, the player might spawn in a pooling location, I’m not sure how you’re handling that stage of your project and where would be appropriate to place those “Set Actor Hidden” and “Set Visibility”

Please respond with further details so I can assist you if you choose to continue chatting and I will do my best.

Huge thanks for the reply!

I’m very new to UE5 therefore I’m not quite sure what some of the things you mentioned are.

What you mean by simulating? I just simply added a plane with that painting as a material on it. :slight_smile: I guess it is there as a component.

How do I “Set Visibility” on it?

I can’t do much while in Landscape mode painting on landscape and putting trees. By saying Game Mode running you mean in Play mode? If so I can’t paint or plant trees in Play mode either.

I’m up for any solution, I would be very grateful if you could walk me through this, hehe :slight_smile:

I recommend you take my tutorials if you’re new, they’re designed for that. I will DM you a link to them with a free coupon.

Simulating is when you press the green play button at the top of the viewport on the level tab or at the top of your blueprint above the event graph, where you press right mouse button and would type “set visibility” and add your scene component as the target.

While in landscape mode, make sure to switch back to select mode instead of the paint foliage or sculpting tools. In the beginner’s tutorial I do a little landscaping and that will be free in your DM’s too.

Yes, Game Mode runs in play mode or while simulate.

I can’t answer the question because I don’t understand what youre doing the engine that can’t be set to simulate and done like that.

If you want to basically see the same thing in simulate that you do in the design phase during development, go to the top of the level tab and click the icon buttons along the top horizontal edge of the viewport and examine the options. There will be an option to use the level blueprint. If you can access the level scene components in the level blueprint, you can set the image with a material on it to hidden or visible false on ‘Event Beginplay’ and use no default pawn or a spectator pawn to float around the world in ghost-camera mode or free-floating camera spectator mode (as described).

That would be the same as not simulating and the image would be hidden.

I don’t know if you’re making a video game or a movie, a simulation of some kind or just a scene and that too would affect my answer, mostly if you’re making a video game is what I know how to answer.