I am an architect pls i need to make a blueprint for helping me control to who can use my walkthrough in UE4 4-26

i want to make many codes as blueprints make earlier and if the client write any code from them the game launch i need this blueprint as UI widget to open a second Widget and if the code is wrong he cant open the game and i need 1 code from them work only 1 time then its expired pls any one help me to do this and me the owner who write this codes in BP before sending him the game and i give him the code according to he pay all his money or he trying to fool me …thanks in advice
UE4 @4-26

You will need to do a few things:

  1. Build two levels. (Maps)
  2. The first level just contains the “enter the code” text input widget, and a button.
  3. Set this level as the startup map in the editor settings.
  4. In the “click” action of the button, get the text from the code text input, and compare to the expected code. If it’s the same, load the second level.
  5. The second level is your actual walkthrough.

That being said, it seems simpler to just mail the walkthrough to the right people on a USB stick, or perhaps provide the walkthrough download file on a web service that requires a password you can set, and only share the file with the people you want to see it.