I am a udk programmer

hi everybody

i ve been programming games using udk for several years.i know it well and implemented many different features for different platforms including windows,android,html5 and ios.

just wanted to say that i am available for work .i love making games and can be helpful.
u can reach me at giomri@gmail.com if u want and i can send u video contentsof my games.


Are you still looking for a project to work on?

Hey would you like to program for a UDK video game 20 Gbs of source Singleplayer only and released in steam already ? I mean steam does not give me anything at all but it is my hobby to keep it up, do you want to help me :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Hey @KamiUE It’s for free seriously? You probably forgot about price for your programming in this post.