I am a total beginner and I have a question about flipbooks and sprite sheets, can someone help me?

Hello! I am trying to get into Unreal and am starting playing around a little bit to learn the absolute basics. Now I am trying to create a flipbook material for a 1920s neon sign. I designed the sign in Illustrator and saved it as a png with transparent background at a resolution of 2048x2048. Now I want to animate parts of it, adding blinking lightbulbs and stuff like this, so I copy the layer 6 times, change something in each copy of the sign and save those images as frames of my animation.

I am not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be because when I create a spritesheet with 6 images for 6 frames, the spritesheet is getting really big, 6144x6144 px. Is that correct? Or is that way too big? What would happen if I have a longer animation with dozens of frames and a sprite size of 2048x2048? Is it the normal way to get very large spritesheets in cases like this or am I doing this completely wrong?

If someone could clear this up for me, that would help me so much, thank you!