I am a marketer, looking for a team to make a game!

I have an idea for a game that is a game where you are in a dungeon (also a multiplayer and singleplayer game) and have to survive. I have an idea where it will be randomly generated each time. But since I will be marketing not making that game I am open to ANY game ideas. I have successfully green-lit a game on Steam for someone.
I will need…

  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • 3D animators
  • Anything else that could be usefull to make games!

I am honestly open to ANYTHING. Team names, game ideas and more!
If you would like to contact me reply here, DM me or email me at

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your idea is bit more on complicated, advanced and big side of projects. Such game is not a small task esp for unpaid job. I am currently doing something similar, but in scifi setting, it is lots of work.