I am a little worried about being copied

Hello there

I have an awesome project, but I can’t finish it by myself.

I prepare post it in Work in Progress forums looking for some help, but the game’s core system is very unique and I am a little worried about being copied.

So…is there any good ideas for me?:slight_smile:

No one’s going to copy you

Just by posting it you’ll have a proof that you came up with the idea first and you can sue anyone that copies you…
But we are serious people, don’t worry. No one is going to copy you!

I don’t quite understand why people post threads about their game (either as a showcase or when recruiting people) and they say things like “I can’t talk about the details in public so I won’t show you key reasons why this game is going to be successful.”

One of the most common go-to responses for this is that “everything has been done before” and that your idea isn’t truly new. While that’s almost always the case, people seem to always shrug this answer off like “well that isn’t the case with the way* I implement my idea*.”

Here’s my take on this whole “dont steal my ideas bro!” thought process:

The first team through the wall is always going to come out bloodied. The people who actually steal ideas and have commercial success from them are teams of professionals who can recreate your idea in a couple months. These professionals aren’t going to see your paper concept and be like “oh that’s a cool idea let me develop it and see how well it sells!”.

They’re going to say “Let’s keep an eye on that and watch what happens when they release. That way we can see if it’s popular or not, and we can also see what aspects of that idea took off vs. what didn’t really turn out as well as everyone thought.”

They’re going to let you do all the work and be the first team through the wall, so they can step through later after you’ve proven your idea is successful.

The best way to fight this is to iterate on your own ideas and continually look for ways to reinvent yourself through the development process and well after launch.

Those are my thoughts anyways. I get much more benefit from people hearing all about my ideas and saying they’re cool (or stupid) early on.

I’ve never actually heard of any person or team posting an idea then someone else taking that idea and beating them to the punch.

No, you’ll have no ability to sue at all.

But more importantly, noone is going to care enough to copy, everyone is far too busy with their own ideas.

You will have to post it into the got skills section when you want to recruit people :wink:

Btw, nobody will copy you, just dont post very important information into that thread

Besides. If someone is going to copy your idea for game and finish it sooner. Well, it’s game industry, it’s normal. Deal with it.

Nice try, Zynga

Serious answer now: is what you’re doing hard work to achieve, OP? If so, keep doing it. If not, move fast. Everything worth doing is hard because everyone else will be all over the easy stuff in no time flat. But if you do something difficult, you’ll stand alone on that peak for a while yet.

There’s a difference between copying an idea and copying a game, if someone copies the mechanics and the graphics then that’s a legal matter (as Zynga has found), if you have an idea like “Post apocalyptic zombie MMO” then that’s a completely different matter

hmmm, I dont get this thread at all. I would like to say nothing is unique this world is made of up copied things but changed. If you are scared someone is going to copy your “idea” then dont make it, even if the game is done and finished people will still copy your idea and change it and make it their own might even make it better. Take the risk or dont do anything at all.

Thanks every one, you all good guy.

Meathead, I’m not afraid of being copied, every successful game has the first one and get most money. I’m just afraid of somebody finish it before me:)

What my design is very core system, like um “hacking into other’s smartphone and control the whole city” in Watchdog, or “catapult living bird” in angry bird.
But not a art style or something very not important.
And I have made a very detailed trailer to explain it…

But, everyone is good guy. Thanks.

So I decide post it, with detail.

Here is it:

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about anyone copying that.

I’d also suggest to simply post it on a forum, but the sensitive information you have won’t be shared! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t say it any better than this…

Nobody cares about or wants to copy your game idea.
We’re all far too busy with our own projects or game ideas :slight_smile:

If someone copies you and you have prove, you would probably able to use it to your advantage to gain publicity anyways.
That’s referring to actual assets, not ideas.
Ideas are worthless without implementation and people only copy something that’s already popular.

I have a bit more to add.

This thread comes up again and again on game development forums. Everyone’s worried about being copied. The first thing to remember is that life isn’t fair and if someone copies you, you’ll have to have some legal muscle to take care of it, if you even have a leg to stand on. But you can avoid all of that by not publishing your work until it’s ready. That way, at the least, you don’t have any carbon copies out there before you’ve launched. To summarise, if you’re worried about being copied:

  1. Be ready to fight for your content
  2. Don’t show people what you’re doing

The reality is though if what you’re doing CAN be copied that easily, what you’re doing is not that worthwhile. Smart ideas are well and good, but hard work makes good content. You can much more easily defend your content than you can a smart idea.

Although this comes off as negative, I think this should be the standard response to this question.

You worry to much. You gonna get copied anyway. If you make a next game hit with a nice original idea, be sure the next week after your release will be 100+ clones doing what your game do. And there is no way to prevent this. Give me a game example with out clones, and prove me I am wrong.

I get out-executed by folk regularly, so now if I see something better than what I’ve been making I get impressed. :slight_smile:
Plenty more fish in the sea :slight_smile:

i suggested that you should only main content are share not completely share it at forum.