I Am A Beginner Having AI Navigation Issues.

So before we get all technical about the right way to do things let me assure you that I just want to learn how to make something work first. I have had 0 experience with game design/modding in the past and I can’t code for ■■■■. That being said I do understand a tiny bit of coding from high school.

The idea here is to make AI go from the spawn area to the target point and get destroyed.

The method of getting the AI to work shown in this post is not ideal at all but it explains what I need to be able to do. Basically, I am trying to make any number of separate “Enemies” move to the same target point however when I use “Call All Actors Of Class” function I don’t understand how to use all the actors in the array. Using the “Get” (command thing?) I can only access one actor unless I use the shown method.

Other than that it all works fine. Also if anyone could show me how to do a similar thing with the AIControler blueprint I’d be really thankful.