I almost have my menus working.


For the life of me, I can’t find out how to change my player pawn from when I’m in my main menu.

What I’ve done to work around the limitations and issues of the Gear VR is make everything exist within the 3D world. I’ve created a main menu with widgets that can be interacted with by the character’s widget arrow component, and that, coupled with changes to the HUD and character to allow interaction with the outside would, have made this a viable option for menu building, though it is more tedious than I would have hoped.

How can I get a widget to load a map and let me play as my character, instead of the default character class I made that lets me choose options in the main menu? Is there a way to change your Pawn Class so that I can go from being in my main menu pawn to being in a game pawn in a level, and vice-versa?

You can set for each map a different Player Character under WorldSettings, and a different GameMode. But for ingame menu you could just set Input Mode Game, UI only when creating the widget menu, and hide the player mesh? If you want just a different player pawn when in menu (ingame), you could let your PlayerController Possess a second spawed MenuCharacter and transform the location to the current World location of your actual PlayCharacter, then hide that one, on Menu exit, Possess your real PlayerCharacter again and destroy the MenuCharacter, and set Input Mode to Game only or Game and UI, and hide the mouse cursor (if you have this in VR).

You just fixed my issues; for anyone looking through this thread with the same question, I did exactly as unit23 stated. Thank you so much!