I accidently Deleted my Project and just recovered all the data

If you not able to restore uproject file, make a project of same name, try to restore exact forder structure, if you dont remeber structure then try to reimport eveything, but you will need to replace everything (mean set assets in assets). Keep in mind retriving deleted files is not 100% effective, the longer you keep them deted the more corrupt they become and it happens pretty fast, so you might lot of damaged uassets.

So i just wanted to clean some Space on my harddrive and deleted some older versions of my project iam currently working on.
But that also delted my newest version of the project , it propably wass the reference data or idk…

I used a tool to restore the data but now i have all the uasset datas in one folder on my desktop not even callsssified.

Is there any way of putting all the data together again?

Propably not… but iam to despereate to accept it…

thanks for your reply.
Well i could open the prooject again but it was just blank

Then try to reimport uassets

It always says unkown extension uasset

Oh sorry iut seems oyu right >.< hmmm you sure you project name is same?