"Hyundai i20 N Line | It’s time to play | Official TVC" Our first experience using UE for VFX film production

[Hyundai i20 N Line | It’s time to play | Official TVC - YouTube]

Hello community!
I wanted to share our first experience as a “classic precalc” postproduction house going UE!
We’ve been playing with UE for some time and this project for Hyundai was a great opportunity to give it try in a production situation. The art direction being very “gamy” we thought it would help us taking the risk. We think it was a right choice.
We used UE 4.26, run in many issues we hope are solved in UE 4.27, but still it was an OK experience. We are definitely on board for more. We think when UE5 production ready will be released it will change the “precalc” game for good.
Hope you like it! Don’t hesitate to give me feedback.