Hyper Toon Toolkit

I’ve been working on some materials and methods for NPR rendering and am building example content. I figured I’d start a WIP thread to get impressions from the forum. The kit is a collection of materials that cover things like standard toon and anime materials as well as materials that mimic particular illustrators. This first image is a material I’m calling MillerVarley because it was inspired by the work of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.

This is the basic cel material. The model could use some work to better support the material, but what I’m really showing with this image is the basic output from the Edge Detect post process material. It takes some tweaking parameters, but it does a good job on concave surfaces, finding interior edges with minimal errors. I really want to figure out a way to implement a brush stroke for the edge, but it might not be feasible to make something that is easy to use. The kit also has a geometry solution for drawing ink lines, but it’s only really suitable for simple convex surfaces.

Looks awesome, I am really interested on cel shader. :slight_smile:

It looks beautiful

Definitely interested in seeing more.