Hyper Space Smuggler

Hello everyone !

We have finished our test and first project on UE4 and it published on google play now. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SlothGames.HyperSpaceSmuggler

I’ll remind that the project was educational. Our team (Sloth Games) was participants in some sort of game development courses. We already got some unity3d/ue4 experience at the beginning, and chose ue over unity. The game basically is the 2d space runner, about fox smuggler and his adventures in space.

UE4 pros:

  1. Many really good tools (ui, ai, blueprints and many more)
  2. Charged c++
  3. Great and reach api (you coding your game, not some helper classes/managers and stuff)
  4. Performance for both games and editor. Even empty 2d scene got 60fps only if there is no objects and all graphics settings are low on mac pro (you need at least medium hardware)
  5. MacOS optimization (often editor crashes, graphics issues)
  6. Multiplatform issues. Web build is not so well optimized. Building takes a lot of time and can fail by many reasons. We were unable to make our game work on web as well as iOS.

Overall feelings are great, UE4 is definitely good. We will continue to use it.