Hydra Plugin Only Works in PIE

I posted this question on the answerhub but didn’t get any responses so I thought I’d try here. I won’t repost the whole thing, but basically my Hydra plugin requires me to copy HydraDelegate.cpp to the project as well as being in the plugin, but while this works fine for Development-Editor building, it fails for Development-Game. Please read the AnswerHub question here…

AnswerHub Question… Click ME!](https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/48257/hydra-plugin-only-works-in-editor-pie.html)

If anyone could help, this is destroying me!

Have you tried sending a private message to the author of the plugin you are using? I wrote my own Hydra integration so I can’t really help you. It might have to do with making a module directly dependent on a plugin, which is somewhat against the idea of a plugin.

Yeah, I’ll be looking into it most of today again, but the plugin creator is probably pretty busy as he hasn’t responded in a while. Unfortunately my work depends greatly on this and I’d prefer to not have to change it to use my own implementation :o

So, when creating “Development Editor” it goes through the process of creating the Hydra dll…
link.exe UE4Editor-HydraPlugin.dll - and whatnot.

It doesn’t even bother trying to create this when doing the normal “Development” option. On the other hand, this might be normal and it might be something else entirely.

If anyone wanted to help me out with this I’d be extremely grateful, it’s making it so my entire playtests are impossible.

Edit: I found a temporary workaround and fix… apparently outside of the editor, this line is failing:
return FModuleManager::Get().IsModuleLoaded( “HydraPlugin” );

I figured it was failing because, you know, the module wasn’t loaded. I removed the checks for it, and the Hydras work just fine in the build now. Is this some editor-only function or what? I’m both confused and relieved.

Just got around to looking at what happens in the shipping build. In order for the code that is part of the plugin to be included in your project, your project needs to have a code component. So if you have a purely blueprint project, add code to the project (it doesn’t need to actually do anything, but you do need to have that code component). Then after compiling and packaging, simple drag your Plugins folder back over into your {Package Directory}/{Project Name} and the Hydra will work.

See Hydra Plugin Main Thread - shipping post for details and troubleshooting.