HY! Is there any workflow similar to using XRefs in Unreal 4?

HY! I come from an archviz background and started using unreal 4. As I am part of a team I want to know if there is any workflow similar to what we are calling XREFs? That means everyone works on some specific asset but everything gets updating in the main Project as changes are made. Thank you and if I did’n made myself very clear please let me know. For we as a team it is very important to know if we could use XReferencing in Unreal 4.


UE4 Editor is pure “reference/xrefs” system. Because, all assets store on a disk in its own files. And in the scene, you just add a placeholder. You can always reimport the models or textures, and get changes for whole map. For team work I can recommend use a subversion trackers, like SVN or Perforce. And you get possibility for backup, protect your files or always get back to any version of your work. With UE4, pipeline for team work, is very easy - with one asset can work only one member of team at the same time. And keep in mind - Level or Map - is ONE FILE too, and can be handled only one member of team.

Ok, thank you for your answer. In the meantime I had made some research and turns out that we will try to use perforce for team working. Best!