Hwo to build your Project as Chunks instead of one big .pak file ?

Hey alltogether,

as far as i know there are 2 types of content packaging.

  1. in a single big .pak file with Binaries and that’s it.
  2. all little files in Folders.

But i know there is a 3rd one which is similar to the 1st one.

In the Editor there’s an option to package your game in “chunks” so you have deifferent .pak files for Maps, Textures, Materials and so on.
Does anyone know how to properly activate this ? It didn’t work for me yet though so i am asking here since i can’t find any documentation about it either.

Thanks in advance

In your editor preferences -> General -> Experimental, there is an option called ‘Allow ChunkID assignments’ under the User Interface section. Enable that, and then when you right click one of your assets in the asset browser, you should be able to assign it to a ‘chunk’. Assets in the same chunk should then be packaged into individual .pak files when you make a package.

Sorry for the necro nut with the pak can I put in pretty much everything like blueprints maps folders etc?

What can’t I put in?