Hw do I pick an object from viewport to use in the widget?

SO I am making a spawner for an actor in my widget, I want to spawn it at a certain location but how do I pick the target in the viewport to use as entry variable in my spawn function?

I was thinkign to use a target but dunno how to bring it in the blueprint and also how do I align it to have a certain facing direction?

Here is the widget I did :slight_smile:

to spawn the actor I used a tag reference to a target point …

It works, it spawns an actor , the problem is that the actor doesn’t do anything and stays still there where its rezzed, while if I drag and drop the actor directly in world it acts as I programmed the AI to do so walks around enters the door etc …
Why if I spawn it like this doesn’t do anything?

Check out your AI Settings in the Class Default of those Actors.

In the Field “Pawn”, where you select the AI Controller, is an option for Auto Possess AI.

Set it to “Placed in World or Spawned”

By default, it only possesses the Actor by placing it in the world.

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I went there and did this :

And it worked thankyou :slight_smile: !