Hurricane - Multiplayer Game in Voxel Stylized World

Hi everyone,
In my spare time I work on the game.
I’m like survival game like DayZ, H1Z1, Ark, and I want to make similar gameplay, and diffirent visual style.




If you want to get Steam Beta Key:

  1. Just join Discord Server](Discord)
  2. Print !key in any channel
  3. Check your DM/Private message for steam key.
  4. Activate Steam Key.

Wow very nice! Looking forward to seeing more


Small village looks nice :wink:

Lego /o/ Minecraft /o/

Is it just simple flat shading you are using in your terrain and vertex painting? I see you had a little variation of the dominant color(Brown).

Very cool, keep the good work!

Using Default LIT shading model, and DFAO.

Another question: are you using Perlin Noise for the terrain distortion or using masked materials on the ground?

Standard UE4 method to blend layers in material, hightmap noise from photoshop, just for testing purposes

Some gameplay here :wink:

I love the look! I hope that going for this visual style also helped a lot with performance.

I’m using DFAO, on my GTX 670 around 50 FPS in 1080p.

Very nice, I’m jelly! :slight_smile: We had some trouble in making it a steady 30 in 1080p on a GTX 970. :smiley: But that just shows we’re greedy with our usage of foliage, especially grass, and poor optimizers. But, hey, it’s our first Unreal game.

P.S. I really like the road material, it would be awesome if you could make the dirt a bit more similar, right now it looks a bit too pixelated in juxtaposition with the awesome road.
P.P.S. I know it’s not where you’re going with the game, but I would love to play an adventure or puzzle game with this art style. That screenshot with DFAO is too darn awesome!

Really nice screens, fantastic art, but why using DFAO? The visual gain you get from it is barely worth it, considering that its quite expensive.

For shadows inside buildings, and day/night cycle with dynamic SkyLight. DFAO can be disabled in game settings for better performance :wink:

Ah shadows inside buildings, now that makes sense :slight_smile: Perhaps you just didnt posted screenshort that justifies its use, makes sense now.

That’s looking really nice! Keep up the great work!

I tried to animate voxel models, but was not satisfied with result.
I have decided to use voxel models for an environment and flat shading for creatures.

New WIP Video

Very cool nice progress so far. How is the grass performance, this seem to be many cubes that each patch is created from.

Grass don’t have translucency, it save lot of performance, I think.
GTX 670 w/o DFAO - over 60 fps, w/o any lods now.


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