Hunting for the best Particle Artist Ever! Remote or on-site options available!

Greetings fellow Unreal Engine developers!

We, Digital Arrow, the developers behind Aquanox Deep Descent ( are looking for a great VFX/technical artist to join us in creating immersive, awe inspiring underwater environments and gameplay that will make the player feel like the ocean is in their room! If you are interested, read below for the requirements and tasks that are at hand and contact us to find out more or apply!

**Project Website: **

Aquanox Deep Descent pre-alpha gameplay footage with commentary, as seen at Gamescom 2016.


  • Deep understanding of Unreal Cascade
  • Understanding of unreal engine materials
  • Knowing how to work with vector fields and GPU particles
  • Good balance between creating good looking but balanced vfx effects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English


  • Working with Art Director, Level Designers, Code and Tech team and Designers to define and create immersive gameplay and environments
  • Creating CPU and GPU particles, making use of both standard local and global space, along with using vector fields for nice fluid particles
  • Creating amazing underwater effects.
  • Creating materials/shaders and/or working with our other technical artist(s) to deliver great looking shaders in your VFX content


  • Shipped titles using Unreal Engine 4 as a VFX/Particle Artist
  • Have previously worked with underwater VFX/particles

If you are interested, drop us an e-mail at:

Please do not send PMs on this site. Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from You!

Hey hey.

You might want to re-word the title, as there was a scam-artist using the same kind of titles.
Made my bells ring even before I checked the thread.