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Hey, been doing game development for a while now and decided to showcase some of the games i been developing by myself… All the art besides a few things provided Epic or UE4 forum communities was done by me… Anything I used from UE4 forums or Epic has been heavily modified from the original… Most notably would be the character assets used for the 2nd game… Still need to replace the enemy though XD… These are a few games I been working on in my free time for about 6 months… I actively stream so if anyone wants to watch me work on them hit up my stream at… I’ll try and keep this thread updated on the games I am actively working on. These 3 will probably be the ones I try to actively get green lighted along other stuff I am working on with some buds. Sorry for the blur on the bottom of the videos my taskbar was refusing to not be captured and decided to just blur it out instead since it was visual eye sore :confused:

Game 1
Just started this game recently, it a survival horror game, reused my character from another game so need to modify him some more… Currently has a weather system, day and night, hunger, temperature, and stamina/weight system…

Game 2
This is a top down shooter in the vain of hotline miami… It currently has the same depth as hotline interms of ai and weapons just a more modern/cyberpunk feel… The environment also changes based on your actions from previous levels/decisions.

Game 3
This is a arena based game, where you fight in a small confined space and deal with small amount of pattern based enemies that train you to fight the boss… It a one life/one try game… So once you die you have to restart from the very beginning… Currently have to finish modeling all the enemies but all the ai work and combat is currently done for it.

Update from some of my stuff I been working on…
Game 2

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Game 1 Update

like the paper craft like art style, keep it up :smiley:

I like the style of Game 1. The faceted look is done well.

Although, Personally, I would reduce the amount of faces on the floor areas, as the shadows and amount of varying detail is a little distracting, especially int he night scene. The sharp shadows might be a little too much. I can imagine if the floor areas were flatter, it would appear cleaner/easier on the eye.

Great models though, you have really nailed the style.



The assets are from the UE4 Asset store besides a few custom changes like the floor and character, synth studio made the assets for the most part though. I just did the lighting and swapped and adjusted placement so far. It originally had flat plane for the floor but it creates a very boring/bland image visually. I found that even though the planes might be a little heavy handed currently it better to have the variance than not since most of the game will be on flat since it generated procedurally. I’ll keep it updated as I make progress still exploring the look visually and figuring out what I like. Game 2 and Game 3 has art all made by me but I just saw synth stuff and thought it was to good to pass up and just needed some custom tweak/love to make it reach that next level

It’s your game and your choice of aesthetics. Everyone is different, which is a good. thing. I am happy to hear that you did try the flat floor before.

I wish you the best of luck with this.



Started work on getting the overall map layout/design done got the base landmass started/blocked out starting to do a detail pass/polish still trying to figure out how to handle the more nature based elements without water to get a emissive effect at night to create some nice mood/tone… Thinking fireflies and that the spirit animals will help


Another game I am working on

Fixxed fps issues

Game Update 4 Brick Breaker