Hunter Character


Hey guys.

I have a Hunter Character. And I am thinking to try to public it here.
It is complex asset. I didn’t see one like him here yet. (Maybe I am wrong) :slight_smile:


This is customizeble character. It means that his body not one mesh and divided on parts:

6 Body Parts: Human Head, Elf Head, Hands, Feet, Beard, Hair… (Chest, legs and arms may be added to the pack later, so it will have complete naked body)
9 Clothes Parts: Shoulders, Belt, Eye path, Gloves, Robe, Shirt, Paints, Hood, Boots
Weapons: Bow, Animated Bow, Sword, Arrow, Sword Scabbard, Quiver

You can chose if this character going in boots or without, with gloves or without…


Also it contains 2 different materials for Clothes and 2 materials for body - one with scar on face one without.

Character comes with 122 animations. Here the preview:

But… This character can be skinned to Unreal Humanoid Rig Tamplate.
So you have two options:

  1. Use animations comes with him.
  2. Re-target rig in Unreal using Humanoid Rig Template and use Unreal animations.

Do you will be interesting to have such asset in Unreal Market?