Hundreds of dance animations?

I’ve been starting to create an emote menu and I want to ask how Epic has hundreds of animations like in Fortnite?

Is it in the Anim BP? And how do you make the anim BP not so messy? I already have 8 dances made, which takes up a lot of space in the BP.

I have already gone through every popular tutorial on this so please don’t send me any. (Unless it pertains to this many animations in a clean way). Looking for personal advice on this sort of thing by people with experience.

There’s no need to put all of them inside the AnimBP, but simply have the animation as a variable ( Select the animation you just grabbed inside the AnimBP, then in the details choose “Expose as a pin” then promote to a variable ), then set which animation you want to play in a BP that cast to the variable in the AnimBP.


Took me a second to find “Expose as Pin” but to just confirm, the variable becomes an Animation Sequence?

This is a pretty genius way to handle lots of animations. Fascinating. Thank you.

OK so you can create an array out of almost anything from animation takes, montages, anim BP’s, and use a Get var to get the animation ID and play the Get.

This would be easy to do, and have done it myself, if you have an easy enough to handle selection of takes but if gets more complicated you can even use a list as an array and index that as to the desired take.

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I really don’t get you guys…

Just create a montages slot that overrides the whole skeleton from the root up and play montages.
There’s no need to have a dedicated animBP state for something like emotes…

And passing an animation as a variable, dollar to donuts, is also not fast path compliant?
Montages slots are…

Re “how do you have a billion animations”?

Compression and low FPS on the animations since the engine doesn’t really use FPS, but rather it interpolates automatically between key frames.
Using the default 30FPS you’ll really almost never notice any difference.

The result is usually a light wait animation.
An animation is nothing but a list of bones, and their position for each frames.
Compression on text/numbers like that can be pretty aggressive.
So once you package you get a tiny amount of GB for billions of animations that the engine will play.

(Very layman explanation here, there’s way more to it if you care to go look it up).

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That said why not just jump the need for an animation BP altogether and use a component instead which is nothing more than a taunt and = context based animation.

Adding 8 takes is to simple though to get to over complex but using an array you can make use of montages, which I agree should be used over individual takes.

As to “how Epic has hundreds of animations like in Fortnite” they probably are making use of a component rather than an animation BP as the state change to dancing is an absolute.

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Alright. I’ll look into montages more.

Most of the tutorials I’ve seen only used the AnimBP. Once I started adding separate States for each dance (8), I noticed if I wanted to continue to add “hundreds” that I would be limited on visual space and would be very messy.

I did however work with the first solution with the Anim Sequence var and only have one State that changes the animation from another BP. Works very well and a lot less work than I originally thought.