Humanoids not rigged to the Epic Skeleton

It seems lately I keep spotting humanoid characters on the Marketplace that are not rigged to the epic skeleton. Two arms, two legs, nothing at all to justify a custom skeleton. And yet, here they are, passing Epic’s QA and being sold. So I fix them myself. I export the model to max, I rename the bones, remove superflous bones, reorient the bones, add the ik bones, etc. I spend about 45 minutes of my time doing something the creator should have done prior to sale. Instead they put a line on the marketplace page about Unreal’s Retargeting Manager. Epic really should instigate a policy where humanoid characters are not allowed to have custom skeletons unless they can justify it somehow.

Agreed. What would do more, if I could, I would impose a universal ban for "no custom skeletons on humanoid characters unless “justified”.::wink: I hate renaming the same finger again and again with different names for no apparent reason.

This is what I was complaining about few days ago;
I will from now on just rate these assets 2/3 stars and move on…

ok someone explain to me what the heck is the UE4 skeleton!! It’s been a year I can’t wrap my head around that concept. Is it:
1/ a naming convention the bones has to be named after the UE4 skeleton used for the mannequin (for eg)
2/ a hierarchy. joints have to be in a specific hierarchy?
3/ joints size, position and orientation. Bones have to be the exact same as the UE4 Skeleton.
4/ all of the above.
so if you create a humanoid character, does it has to be the exact same proportion as the UE4 mannequin? if for some reason you want the humanoid to differ in proportion. Something cartoon ish with disproportionate arms etc for a bruiser kind of guy. Do you still have to use the UE4 skeleton? If yes, In that case , does that mean you can re scale some joints? Which would make sense with the “rigged and scaled to Epic Skeleton” in assets description… This is definitely something I never found any answer for. And it is really frustrating.

The proportions don’t matter. The names of bones and parenting of them matters. The bones shouldn’t be scaled, because I think UE4 completely ignores bones scale. The bones need to be oriented along the character the same as they are in the mannequin. This doesn’t mean you copy the rotations directly though. If your character is a hunchback, then your spine bones will be rotated forward to keep the correct axis lined up with the spine. If you need extra bones, then you just parent them to the standard ones, but you DO NOT insert them between the standard bones. As an example bone, calf_r should always be such that the x-axis points to the ankle, and the z-axis points rightward, being the axis the knee rotates about. All you really need to do is look at the mannequin, read the animation docs, and apply common sense. Don’t forget the IK bones.

To me , rigged to epic skeleton should mean that you can directly assign the asset skeleton to the Epic skeleton , without adding extra bones. I just bought a character that said it is fully compatible with Epic skeleton and has no less than 40 extra bones.