HumanIK and Unreal Engine Z Axis Issues

Hey Unreal Followers!

I am having a hard time getting HumanIK working with Unreal Engine. My Maya is configured to use the Z Up which is resulting in HumanIK skellies to show up on their backs…

Is there anyone out there with some experience in HumanIK and Unreal that can give me some pointers? From what I understand and read Unreal supports HumanIK?

I have spent 3+ hours looking for a solution or a setting on the web as well as inside Maya and came up empty…

Any help and advice in regards to this would be greatly appreciated!

hey man, iam in front of the same issue. well i think the only thing you can do, is turning maya back to Y as long you work with human ik, then export it with Z up. i had the problem that the controll rig, wasnt really like it should with Z up.
But if the Y solution makes other problems, idk yet.

we should go to the autodesk forum, cause its not really an unreal problem. you also could use EPIC ART (Animation Rig Tool). But doesnt work with LT at the moment. So iam forced to stay on HumanIk or creat my own rig.

hope that helped a bit.

i also should say, i worked with human ik for my final school project and it worked well. it worked so well, i never baked one of my animations and i had no issues exporting my human ik animation into an fbx file and import to unreal. so turn it back to y. that should work fine. iam sorry its also annyoing for me.

another tipp, for the camera issue. import your mesh + skeleton from your Z-Up scene, into a new Y-Up Axis Scene, to avoid the camera moving s**t. :slight_smile:


Hey Dude!

Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestions later tonight or tomorrow and give some feedback:-)

And any news if it worked?